Display list of data from mysql table using pdo with php

I know this is very easy task but may be who has started the work with PDO and want to display the list of data from mysql table using pdo with php. Then it can be help. Here is example of listing artilce:

Basic questions of angularJS

Q. What is angularjs? Angularjs is a structural javascript framework which is used for dynamic web apps.It is also perfect use for SPA(single page application). AngularJs extends the HTML attribute using DIRECTIVES binds data with expression. Q. How to AngularJS Extends HTML? AngularJs Extends HTML attributes using ng-directives Bassically use ng-directives as follow: 1. ng-app 

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How to add google analytics code in wordpress using functions.php

We use google analytics code on website so that we can see the traffic and other information of website. For this we generate google analytics code add the script on header.php file or footer.php file. But we can also add analytics code in functions.php file which is available inside the wordpress theme. So just you 

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How to display next previous pagination on single-custom.php or custom details page

I was creating a project in which I had maid a custom post type and create a custom template for details page. But client want to display next previous on custom template details page. Like this: So for this I have use this code on single-casestudies.php:

If anyoney any confusion then please comment. Hope 

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